Nashville Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Your garage door system is an important addition to your home. In order to keep it functioning properly (and protect your vehicles and valuables inside the garage), there are some simple maintenance tasks you can do, yourself, or have completed by a professional here at Tri-County Garage Inc.

Before you begin any inspections, tests, or repairs, however, it’s important to consider safety. You should alert everyone in your household when you’re planning on checking the garage door. Instruct them not to open or close it until you’re finished, and you’ll minimize the chances of it being opened or closed while you’re touching or near it.


Quarterly Garage Door Tests

Your garage is like any other appliance or system in your house – it needs routine checkups. Some problems are obvious, such as damaged panels, but others may require a more watchful eye. We recommend doing the following tests quarterly to ensure maximum efficiency and catch any signs of wear as early as possible:

  • Visual inspection. The first place to start is very straightforward. Stand inside with the garage door closed and just look over the equipment. Do you see any obvious signs of damage or wear? Is the door free of holes and dings? Are the springs, cables, rollers, hinges, etc., in good shape? Pay close attention to the look and sounds of your garage door. This is often the first sign something is off.
  • Balance test. For this test you need to disconnect the automatic opener on your door. Once it’s free, lift the door manually. This will allow you to feel how smoothly it rises and shuts. There should be little resistance and no shakiness or roughness. Once open, the door should remain still and not try to close. If your door doesn’t perform to these specifications, it’s likely out of balance and should be professionally serviced.
  • Reversing mechanism test. All systems manufactured since 1993 include a reversing mechanism and other safety sensors. To test this, place a section of wood, such as a 2 x 4, on the floor of your garage where the door should touch the floor. Close the door onto the wood. It should automatically reverse as soon as it strikes the obstruction. If your door fails this test, it’s important to have it serviced since this malfunction could cause injury.
  • Photo eye test. The photo eye is a component which scans for obstructions and stops the door. It works in partnership with the reversing mechanism, but it’s crucial for proper performance. To test yours out simply push the button to close the door. As it’s moving, wave an object under the door (a broomstick works well). The door should reverse as soon as the object is placed in front of its photo eye. Again, failure to reverse is a safety issue and should be taken seriously.

Whether you need your door serviced for one of these problems, or are simply looking to have some panels repaired, trust your home to someone with years of experience and glowing customer reviews. Contact your Nashville garage door repair company, Tri-County Garage Inc. for professionalism and experience you can count on over and over again.


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