Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are a safety barrier to the outside world. They protect our families, cars, and possessions from the weather, theft, burglary, and even worse. As long as they are working properly, they barely get a second thought. But when they don’t work properly, we all notice.

Tgarage door repair companyhe consequences of a malfunctioning garage door are greater than inconvenience. If a garage door doesn’t open, your car may be trapped inside – and that’s certainly a hassle come Monday morning. If a garage door doesn’t close, valuable property – bikes, auto equipment, snow blowers, or lawn mowers – could all be at risk.

If your garage door is not working properly, you may need to replace your torsion and extension springs. But if you are not experienced in garage door repair, don’t tackle this dangerous, tedious, and complicated task alone. Garage door repair sometimes requires an expert. This is never more true than when it’s time to replace your torsion and extension spring. Don’t risk your personal safety. Tri-County Garage holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has served Middle Tennessee families for over 16 years. They have the expertise to effectively, safely, and quickly cross this item off your weekend to-do list.

What Are Torsion and Extension Springs?

  • Torsion springs are responsible for balancing the door, and ensuring the door uses equal pressure to open and close. They are located directly above a closed garage door.

  • Extension springs are responsible for opening the door and are located above the upper tracks on both sides.


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When Should I Replace Them?

Consider hiring a professional to replace your garage door springs if:

  • The door doesn’t stay in the up position when released from the opener in the up position.

  • The door doesn’t rest in the midlevel position when pulled there.


Why Spring Replacement Should Be Left to The Professionals

It is true that garage preventative maintenance and some repairs can be performed by a layman. Lubricating tracks and tightening fasteners promote long garage door life and prevent further complications down the road. These simple repair examples pose no safety risk and require no more than a quick Google or YouTube search. Certain repairs, however, aren’t so easy. Torsion and extension spring replacement fall into this complex category.

Torsion spring replacement is a dangerous task, leading to potential:

  • Eyes, hand, and limb injury.

  • Death.

  • Home property damage.


People have been mutilated and killed by attempting a DIY spring repair for their garage doors. If these springs are under enough tension to lift a 400-pound door, imagine what they are capable of doing if not replaced correctly.

Like ignoring one health problem can lead to more complicated body conditions, ignoring a spring that needs replacement could lead to greater garage door problems. Even if you feel like you understand the issue at hand, protect yourself and your property by calling in someone with expertise in garage repair. If you think your spring needs to be replaced, the experts at Tri-County Garage are happy to help. Don’t delay any longer. Contact our team today (615) 360-3535.

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