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Most Common Garage Door Problems that Require Repairs

Your garage door is one of the fixtures of your home that is likely taken for granted. However, once it encounters a problem and stops working correctly, you will notice it immediately. While some garage door problems may be fixable on your own, others will require you to contact a garage door company to fix.

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Your Garage Door Is Very Noisy

Most garage doors aren’t exactly quiet, but when there is a problem, it may be much louder than usual. If you start hearing odd noises or your garage door seems to be much louder during operation than usual, it may be difficult to ascertain the cause of the problem. From worn out springs, or squeaky tracks, to a combination of problems, you should refer to a professional Nashville garage door service and have it inspected to determine the causes of the sounds you’re hearing.

The Track Falls Out of Alignment

If your garage door cannot close completely due to a problem with the track, the door may stop part of the way through closing or even crumple as it attempts to slide into a misaligned track. When this happens, it’s too dangerous to attempt to fix the track alignment on your own. A garage door company will have the knowledge and safety equipment necessary for a safe repair.

Garage door trck alignment repair Nashville, TN

The Springs Are Failing

If the springs of your garage door mechanisms start to fail, you should not attempt to repair and/or replace them yourself. Doing so could lead to serious injuries like lacerations and puncture wounds. Instead of risking these injuries, arrange a Nashville garage door repair from a professional.

Spring Repair for garage doors Brentwood, Tennessee

Problems With the Sensors

A sensor issue may seem innocuous at first, until you consider the possibility that the sensor may cause the garage door to continue closing when it would otherwise stop, potentially causing a serious injury to a person or automobile. If you have noticed your garage door’s sensors are not as sharp as they should be or have encountered any incidents in which the door should have stopped closing but failed to stop, it’s time to schedule an inspection with a professional garage door service.

Excessive Maintenance

Does it seem like you need to repair your garage door very often? If you are noticing little things go wrong every month or so and are tired of dealing with interruptions to your daily schedule due to issues with your garage door, a garage door repair may not be the best solution. A garage door company can recommend a replacement unit that will perform better, last longer, and solve all the issues you have been experiencing. This will save you frustration and money over time.

Tri-County Garage, Inc. of Nashville offers professional garage door services for homeowners in the area, and our team can diagnose and repair common garage door issues quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information about Nashville garage door repair and replacement in your Middle Tennessee area.