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Thoughts On Choosing an Entry Door for Your Nashville Home

A house’s entry door is the setting for the entire home. As a guest’s first introduction, it plays an important role in creating curb appeal. A door with inset windows gives an open, welcoming appearance, while a solid color can make a bold statement about the owner’s taste. The wrong door can leave a strong impression, as well. Peeling paint, splintering, or a contrasting garnish makes the entire home seem uninviting.

Nashville entry door design ideas

When replacing an entry door, there are three main considerations:

  • Safety. An entry door’s primary function is a means to enter and exit the house – but doors also have psychological significance. They welcome friends across the threshold and help us feel safe when we’re inside.

    Beyond the feeling of security, entry doors keep us safe, physically barring us from the outside. A strong door makes a house a safe haven, protecting its inhabitants from rain, snow, and potential invaders. A secure entry door is solid with a functioning lock, but isn’t so stark or overly fortified that it makes the home feel like a jail cell.

    Luckily, reinforced steel doors can be styled in different ways. For example, wood grain finishes and any variety of colors can be used to give a warm feeling to a deceptively secure entrance.

  • Aesthetics. A dirty or damaged front door instantly gives the entire home an aura of neglect. Conversely, a property’s appeal can be spruced up with a new door, so if an entryway is showing signs of age, it may be time to replace it with something more weather resistant.

    When selecting a door, remember that it should match the house’s style. It can be jarring to see a lovely cottage-style home with a bland white steel door. Likewise, a rustic, antiqued wood frame would look out-of-place in a Frank Lloyd Wright style design.

    Wood doors are a versatile choice, as their compatibility with existing features depends on the home’s material and styling. Oak, mahogany, cherry, and walnut are classic choices. If a solid color would better suit the property, paint-grade wood is an option.

  • Durability. A door’s longevity and ability to withstand the elements can be a major factor when choosing an entry. While any door from a reputable supplier is a safe bet in terms of durability, aluminum is especially sturdy and rust-resistant.

    In the past, aluminum doors were easily recognizable by their harsh metallic appearance. Today they’re suitable for nearly any home, as they come in a variety of finishes to help them blend seamlessly. Wood-grade finish on an aluminum door is nearly indistinguishable from authentic wood, and inlaid windows are a common feature.

    But perhaps nothing is as impressive as a faux finish on a fiberglass door. Due to its malleability, this material produces a likeness to wood so exceptional that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference.

    Unlike traditional wood, though, fiberglass is low-maintenance and surprisingly durable. It’s impervious to moisture, so it won’t warp or rot even after years of use. The coating won’t peel despite exposure to sun or heavy rain. It’s also more energy-efficient than other options, thanks to its superior insulation.

  • Other Nashville Doors

    Although an entryway is most visible, side-entry doors also deserve some consideration. Many side entrances lead to a utility/laundry room or directly into the garage. As they’re not frequently visible from the road, their appearances aren’t always given much thought. If visual appeal isn’t a high priority for side doors, they should at least look new and secure. A shambled entrance can be a temptation for buglers.

    With so many options in terms of strength, style, and durability, choosing a door may seem slightly overwhelming. Every home has its own needs when it comes to the front door, and every type offers something different.

    Are you ready to replace your Middle Tennessee home’s entry? Click here to learn more about our Nashville Doors selection.

Transom and Sidelight Ideas for Your Brentwood Entry Door

There are many different ways to improve your Brentwood entry door, but none can compare to arched and sidelight windows. They come in many shades, shapes, and sizes to add personality and character to your entry door.

What Are Transom Windows?

A Transom window is basically a pane of glass mounted above your entry doorway. Entry door transoms provide a stylish look and let in lots of natural light. Transom windows are a great way to provide lighting to your entry doorway and when paired with sidelight windows it can provide even more natural light and a nice view as well as a sophisticated look to your entry doorway.

Brentwood transom and sidelight entry door options
This arched transom with custom sidelights provides a dramatic entryway to this Brentwood home.

Types of Transom Windows

Transom windows can come in arched as well as rectangular shapes. You can also get them in a stained or glazed tint for privacy, which gives off that open look you’ve been searching for while still providing privacy. Most transom windows are made of a tempered glass to prevent shattering. There are many different styles of windows you can pick from to find the perfect window to match your personality and your home’s architecture.

Designing Your Transom Window

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a transom window. Perhaps the best part of all is you can fully customize the width and height to fit the size of your entry door and space. It can be a very simple design to one that is very elaborate. After deciding on how you want the transom to appear, next comes the material to be used. Some of the more popular materials used to make transoms are glass, wood, and wrought iron. Glass being the most popular due to the fact it can be used as a source of light. You can get glass frosted, glazed or etched. Stained glass can also be used on the more elaborate designs such as you would find in a church entry door. The wood used is often dependent on the existing structure or personal taste of the design. Wrought iron can give your home a classy appeal.

Using a Transom With Side Light Windows

Combining sidelight windows with a transom not only adds to the natural light but also can be used for aesthetic reasons. Sidelight windows are typically narrow and match the design of the transom. Sidelight windows have the benefit of making your doorway appear wider. Taking out the side window panes can make room for larger entry doorways or even a double doorway, and provide room for a larger arched transom window or a taller door. (Figure1) There are many different things you can do with your transom windows and your side light windows such as removing them and installing an arched doorway.

Modified Brentwood Entry Door
An arched transom and sidelight windows were removed to install a taller, arched double door.

Transom windows are a great way to improve any home’s look and style. Transoms have many benefits to give your home a unique look and personal touch. Instead of custom doors, they can be used on a new home with a tight budget to enhance your entry doorway and give you the additional space for customization later down the road when your budget is ready. For anyone looking to remodel their home and entry door with transom and sidelights, you have unlimited options to do so. Contact Tri-County Doors of Brentwood today. We can customize an entry door that not only increases the opening size but also will add resale value to your home.