How To Organize Your Nashville Garage Efficiently

Do you have all the tools but no space to store them? Maybe the clutter in your home is taking over your life. These are just a few good reasons to invest in a garage for your home.

organize your garage

Before you commit to your new garage, there are a few things to consider. Here are our organizational tips and ideas to create an orderly, manageable and accessible garage.

Zone Your Storage Areas for Efficiency

Three principles for creating order and neatness are; having a place for everything, storing similar items together, and making regularly used items easily accessible.

You can implement these principles in your garage by creating different storage zones. This ensures that every item has a place and that complimentary items are stored together.

Your specific storage zones will depend on exactly what you’re storing, but some common storage zone’s you can use are:

  • Regular use zone: Keep your most commonly used items in this space and make it close to the doorway for ease-of-use. You can grab them on your way in or out of the garage.
  • Working space: Do you garden, do arts and crafts, or house maintenance? Instead of putting your tools away after each step in the project, leave them on your working space to save time.
  • Seasonal items: Some items are only used once a year, and so they can be stored away in a cupboard. Your Christmas decorations, camping gear and snow equipment all belong here.
  • Rarely used: If you have items that are infrequently used, then put them in the space that is least accessible – this leaves you with more accessible space for regularly used items.
  • Wall accessible: Put your rakes, mops, and other long tools that can be hung on the wall together. This saves room on the floor and in the cupboard and allows them to air dry. It makes them easy to grab when you have something that needs to be cleaned up quickly.

Overhead Storage Racks

High ceilings are beautiful in churches or your living room, but in garages, they’re just underused space. Instead of wasting this dry, safe and clean space, build overhead storage racks. They are ideal for storing infrequently used items.

Foldable Worktables

A big, wide workbench is amazing to work on. You can spread out all your equipment and leave parts out while you work on something else. The only problem is that they take up so much space! Instead of losing that space when it’s not in use, implement a foldable table. You can set it up when you need it and save space by folding it away when you don’t.
organized tools in garage

More Tips to Organise Your Garage

Here are some more ingenious ideas to get the most from your garage:

  1. Build a wall mounted toolbox – This saves space on the ground and saves your back from constant, heavy lifting.
  2. Use labelled mini drawers for keeping small items – This makes tiny items easy to find and use.
  3. Build a bike or surfboard shelf – If you cycle or surf; keep your board or bike up and out of the way, while making the most of your wall space.
  4. Outline your tools – creating an outline around each tool’s hanging spot makes them easy to find and ensures that everyone puts them back where they belong!
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