5 Creative Ways You Can Optimize Your Garage Space

For many Middle Tennessee homeowners, the garage is a no-man’s-land of half-finished projects, unpacked boxes, and unwieldy objects that don’t fit anywhere else. Today, the savvy homeowner realizes that the garage doesn’t have to be a space-wasting eyesore. Instead, you can renovate it to become a place that adds value to your home.


Garage cabinets for Brentwood Tennessee garage.

Sleek Garage Cabinets


Your Brentwood garage is all about storage, but that doesn’t mean it has to look cluttered and unsightly. With today’s range of modern, sleek storage options, you have a variety of opportunities to transform a cluttered space. One practical idea is to install cabinetry on unused walls of the garage. Opt for wood for a rustic workshop look, or stainless steel for a clean, modern look. Consider floating shelves to make the garage look more open.



custom mobile workbench Brentwood Tennessee

Portable Storage


A rolling workbench is a great way to store tools and hardware without being in the way. When you need the workbench, you can wheel it to your desired location. When not in use, keep it against a wall. Replace cardboard boxes with clear plastic storage bins. Storage bins will last longer, protect items from bugs and water, and enable you to see their contents for quickly locating your belongings.




Tall cabinets make garage look big

Vertical Space


Tall cabinets look sleek and slim, yet they add a large amount of storage space. If your garage is on the smaller side, vertical cabinets take advantage of high ceilings to stack clutter instead of spreading it across the room. Keep a small, folding stepstool handy to reach the higher shelves. Tuck it into the bottom of the cabinet or another small space. Taking advantage of vertical space is one of the best ways to de-clutter a small garage without having to throw items away.


Multi-Functional Design


One of the top trends right now is turning your garage into a living space, not just a place for cars and hardware. Savvy designers are transforming garages into children’s playrooms, art studios, home offices, and more. Start thinking about your Brentwood garage as an additional room in your home, not just a place where the odds and ends of the household end up. You can turn the garage into virtually any type of space you need with a few adjustments and smart design choices.


For example, you can purchase gym equipment and anti-fatigue rubber mats for the floor to turn your garage into a workout space. Save money on a gym membership and stay right at home to get your exercise. For a game room, replace fluorescent lights with more attractive fixtures and invest in a pool table. Many garage transformations don’t entail a lot of modification – just a good imagination.


Glass Garage Doors


Replacing traditional Brentwood garage doors with state of the art glass doors, or those with window panels for natural light, can transform your garage into an enjoyable living space.


Brentwood glass garage doors


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